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Why Stress Yourself?

There are so many circumstances that individuals are faced with on a consistent daily basis that may cause stress.  Some of these stress factors, whether internal or external are challenges, difficulties and sometimes just unexpected situations that are due to our environment, jobs, relationships and our families.  Often, we may feel the pressures of these factors bombard us all at one time causing stress, anxiety and depression.  Stress is a known “silent killer.”  Stress has been a proven cause of heart attacks, aneurisms, ulcers and even fatalities.

In today’s economy individuals are stressing over unemployment as well as working jobs that require the labor of two people.  Being employed or unemployed can create a stressful environment, but we have to choose how to handle situations.  We, solely allow ourselves to become stressed.  I believe our attitude and how we respond to situations dictates the amount of stress we place upon ourselves.  So always try to keep a positive attitude about your situation or circumstance.  Don’t compound the problem with worry cause it only leads to stress and other illnesses. Remember, Nothing stays the same!

Bryant King

Career Connections & Prosperity Center North Coordinator

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