I’m a Young Mom and Would Like to Go Back to College. How Can Goodwill Help Me?

First of all I would like to commend you for wanting to further your education.  Being a mom is challenging in itself.  Goodwill can help you in exploring your options.

  • We would first need to explore your needs (financial, childcare, transportation, etc.) and make referrals to agencies if needed.
  • You need to explore your interests and skills.  Goodwill can give you an assessment test.  Actually www.careeronestop has several good self assessments.
  • Once we know your interest and skills, Goodwill can recommend different avenues to achieve your goal.  My Goodwill has several training programs which would be useful in getting a job and continuing the pursuit of your education.  For example I had a client complete her CNA1 and CNA2.  The hospital hired her and paid for her Nursing Degree. Success!!!
  • Another avenue would be the Wal-Mart Foundation program (www.goodwill.org/beyondjobs/).  This program assist single moms get job training and placement in certain areas.
  • Goodwill can help identify local job trends.  What are the areas of job growth?  Industrial Engineering is a growing in my area.
  • Goodwill can set up information interviews.  While on line websites, such as www.americasjobbank.com, have great information; there is nothing like hearing from the horse’s mouth.  You can find out the good, bad and the ugly.  Then decide if it is what you want to do.
  • Goodwill can also help in researching colleges.  You can find information on financial aid and which college would be best for your interest area.
  • If you need a job while going to school, remember that is Goodwill’s specialty.  We are here to help.

Good luck on your new adventure.  You are a great example for your children. Remember Goodwill is here to help guide you through the process and celebrate your success.  That’s my favorite part…

Tempy Albright

Job Developer/Skills Training Manager

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