We are a group of Workforce Development professionals who navigate the ins and outs of job searching every day.  There are many different techniques that can better one’s chance for finding employment.  Through this blog, it is our mission to discuss situations, helpful hints and success stories that we have encountered.  Some of them are common sense and some are not.  Remember that searching for a full time job is in itself a full time job requiring creativity and ingenuity.  It is best to utilize any resources that are available.  We hope that we can be one of those.  Best of luck on your quest!

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  1. Hello People,
    In the job market you “MUST” keep a positive attitude and do what you have to do in a “professional” manner. If you do not know something, learn it. If you do know, then teach someone else. Make it fun (if you choose to), because it’s not the most pleasurable process to have to press through, but you can do it. Determination is key with perseverance. “When” you apply at a job, follow up with the emplyer after a few days. You NEED this job, yet don’t be a pest, only persistent. Also, if you are a single parent, “respectfully explain” what you are going through. And when your children ask for things that you can’t afford at that time, TELL THEM THE TRUTH and don’t feel bad about having to say, “NO!” After all, the job seeking process effects the whole family, not just you and not only them. I have a story of my own. So let me encourage you, “Make it happen for yourself”, Find resources and use them respectfully, ride the bus, walk, carpool, WHATEVER you have to do to better yourself and your children. Remain encouraged!!!! :)

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