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Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Application

In today’s tough job market, you must do all that you can to stand out. Many times, job seekers make their first mistake by not properly completing the job application.

Keep the following 12 tips in mind to effectively complete your next job application.

  •     Always be dressed and groomed appropriately when picking up or dropping off an application. This is when you make your first impression!
  •     Create a sample, generic application with all dates of your employment, work history with job descriptions, phone numbers and at least three references. Use this as a tool when completing job applications so you have all the information at hand.
  •     Use a black pen and print neatly on paper applications.
  •     Read and follow all instructions carefully.
  •     Complete all information. If there are questions that do not apply, write “n/a.” Do not write “see résumé,” even if you have provided one. Avoid leaving anything blank.
  •     Write “will discuss at interview” if you have something you prefer to explain in person, such as having been fired or if you have a felony conviction.
  •     Do not give specific salary requirements. Write “open” or “negotiable.”
  •     Always be truthful and do not over exaggerate on job titles or job responsibilities.
  •     Make sure that you have permission from the people that you list as references. References should be people who know your work habits, such as former employers, supervisors or members of organizations in which you have volunteered.
  •     Be sure to sign and date the application.
  •     If you haven’t heard anything within a week after submitting the application, follow up with the company. Let them know that you are interested in the position. Also find out how long they keep job applications on file.
  •     Keep in mind, the goal of your application is the door to your interview!

Paying attention to these small details can make a big difference when applying for jobs and increase your chances of being invited in for an interview. Be sure to check out the rest of our career advice articles for advice you can use to stand out in the crowd and visit our free online career mentoring site to get personal assistance with your job needs.

LadyVictoria Walker

GII Workforce Development Project Assistant


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Find a Job by Sharpening Your Soft Skills

Many qualified workers find themselves competing for a small number of jobs as the economy continues its slow recovery. In the wake of the recession, how will you stand out amongst the crowd of people applying for your job of choice?

Demonstrating your soft skills – your positive attitude, flexibility and ability to interact with other people – can help give you an edge when looking for a job. Potential employers want to see that you not only have the skills and knowledge to perform the technical requirements of the position, but also that you will be an energetic and motivated team player.

Soft Skills that Lead to Job Success

Ready to give yourself an edge in the employment hunt? Employers are looking for individuals who can demonstrate the following skills:

    • Teamwork and collaboration skills: While your job is unique to you, don’t forget that you’re also part of a larger team. Close relationships with coworkers can improve productivity and morale. Make sure that the workload is being shared and avoid unnecessary conflict whenever possible.


    • Enthusiasm: Showing excitement about your job shouldn’t end once you’ve aced the interviewed and landed the position. Demonstrate initiative and show your passion for your job by pursuing new and challenging work. Perform tasks before being asked and volunteer to take on additional responsibilities when possible.


    • Oral and written communication skills: Ideal employees know how and when to share their ideas and concerns with their supervisor. Instead of complaining about a stressful situation, explain what is happening and offer suggestions on how you could do your job more efficiently. And don’t forget to listen – employers report entry-level candidates often struggle with listening carefully. Ask questions and take notes to ensure you understand what is being said.


  • Professionalism: When you went on your interview, you made sure that you dressed to impress and were on your best behavior. Carry that attitude into your work life by wearing the appropriate attire for your work setting, arriving on time, turning off your cell phone and speaking in a respectful manner with everyone with whom you interact.

Learn more about improving your soft skills by checking out AOL’s “Top 10 Soft Skills for Job Seekers” and the DOL’s report, “Soft Skills: The Competitive Edge.”


By Jenni Baker
GII Sr. Communications Specialist

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